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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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A group of Palestinian youth decided to protest at the gates of the United Nations Ramallah Common Premises, unwilling to allow employees to get in. The group demanded that UN employees take immediate action to save the lives of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Especially the ones in advanced stages of hunger strike, and those who are ill and still striking. They also plead that the UN employees make the enemy state comply to the demands of the freedom prisoners which are all compatible to the international human law and the third and fourth Geneva Accords. 

freedom to all freedom prisoners!

Ironically, those prisoners wouldn’t BE in prison if they were not TERRORISTS who committed heinous acts of MURDER against civilians. Perhaps said protesters should learn the facts, as should those who support them. - Tidbits of Truth

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    Ironically, those prisoners wouldn’t BE in prison if they were not TERRORISTS who committed heinous acts of MURDER...
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