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Israel’s Top-Diva sings in Persian

Israels Top-Diva sings in Persian

Rita Yahan Farouz, one of Israel‘s most successful singers, combines the Hebrew as well as the Persian language in her music. Her new album „Ha’Smachot Shellanu“ (i.e. “our pleasures“) achieved gold status within the first three weeks after release. The performer is regarded as cultural ambassador between Israel and Iran.

She was born at Teheran in 1962 and came to Israel with her family in 1970. For Rita, her music is a return to her roots rather than a political statement. Her new album was compiled in a tenuous period of time. Rita regards it as a bridge between people in her home country and people in her country of origin. “No matter what government authorities decide, people are wise and they want to have peace and calmness in their lives. Now it is time that they learn some more about Iran than what the government is saying,” the singer pointed out to the news portal “Ynet”. She proudly cites e-mails from her Iranian fans: “Those beautiful and emotional songs that you sing are giving me a feeling of closeness and love between Iran and Israel in these times of war, this crazy period of Islamist control,“ Ali F. from Shiras wrote to her. On Israel’s 60th anniversary, she was chosen as the best Israeli singer ever. For an audio sample of Rita’s music Click here!

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