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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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“If you don’t like what the Chick-fil-a CEO said, how about what Margaret Sanger said.”

“If you don’t like what the Chick-fil-a CEO said, how about what Margaret Sanger said.”

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    Alright, agree to disagree. I think that for abortion to qualify as eugenics you’d need some kind of societal or outside...
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    I don’t think it has changed to the degree people would like to say it has (and it still kills babies, period), but as...
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    Oh! Oh! I know! Pick me! How about this? 1. Sanger is dead. 2. She died a long time ago. Her influence on Planned...
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    There’s a difference between what Margaret Sanger said (that you didn’t quote accurately and took out of context and...
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