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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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Bulgaria Releases Composite Photo of Burgas Suicide Bomber

Composite photo of Burgas bomber
Composite photo of Burgas bomber

Based on recovered body parts, the Bulgarian government has released a composite computer generated photo of the suicide bomber who murdered five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian driver on July 18 at the Burgas international airport. Dozens of others were wounded in the attack, including three who were critically injured.

The image, released Wednesday, shows a dark-haired man with wide-set, light-colored eyes.

Police said in a statement they based the image on the actual head of the suspect, which authorities are still holding at a morgue.

Israel has blamed the suicide attack that was perpetrated on Israeli tourists waiting to board a tour bus at the Burgas international airport on the Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorist organization based in Lebanon…

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