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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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Hareidi Protest against ‘Gay’ Parade

Hundreds of hareidim protested against the pro-homosexual “gay pride” parade that made its way through Jerusalem’s streets Thursday.

To demonstrate the contempt with which the Torah views homosexuality, nationalist super-activist Baruch Marzel brought three donkeys to the parade, covered with sheets that had the words “I’m a proud donkey” painted on them.

Homosexual politicians in Israel have expropriated the Hebrew word “ge’eh,” meaning “proud,” to denote “homosexual,” making use of the word’s similarity to the English “gay.” Thus “I’m a proud donkey” has a double meaning.

"Jerusalem cannot stand impurity and abomination," Marzel said. "What these leftists and perverts are doing in Jerusalem is hurtful to all residents of Jerusalem, to the sanctity of Jerusalem, and a danger to the existence of the nation of Israel in the Land of Israel."

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