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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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A. B. Yehoshua Has A Dig At The BBC

The celebrated Israeli litterateur is interviewed by BBC correspondent Tim Franks regarding his new book, the political situation, and prospects for peace.

In the course of the interview Yehoshua, a man of the left,  robustly disputes Franks’s contention that Gaza is effectively still occupied, and spiritedly argues its right to defend itself against Hamas terror.

“How long do you think Israel has got to continue its existence as a Jewish State?” asks Franks. “If there isn’t a Two State Solution.”

The response is long and interesting …

“Israel is my identity,” says Yehoshua, “… I cannot permit myself to be pessimistic …”

His final comment:

"This is what I’m doing with my friends in Israel, to work very hard that our Israeli state, the Jewish totality state will be functioning in peace with its environment, and I would say flourishing in the future.  And recognized by you.”

Making The Ghosts Grin: The BBC Trust's White Decision

"There were ghosts haunting the Third Committee that day: the ghosts of Hitler and Goebbels and Julius Streicher, grinning with delight to hear, not only Israel, but Jews as such denounced in language which would have provoked hysterical applause at any Nuremberg rally and justify a special edition of Der Stürmer.

 And there were other ghosts also at the debate: the ghosts of the 6,000,000 dead in … extermination camps, listening to the same voices which had cheered and jeered and abused them as they made their way to the gas chambers.

For the fundamental thesis advanced by the supporters of the resolution, and approved by the majority of the Third Committee, was that to be a Jew, and to be proud of it, and to preserve the right to be a Jew, is to be an enemy of the human race.”

In the above words, the Oxford-educated Welsh journalist and author Goronwy Rees (1909-79) – no rightwinger, he, by the way – expressed his disgust for the adoption by the United Nations in 1975 of the notorious resolution equating Zionism with racism.

More obscenity from The Age's notorious Michael Leunig

Fast forward 37 years, and another British journalist, former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie, suggested following Operation Pillar of Cloud (Defence) that media hostility to Israel is “a form of proxy for antisemitism by journalists in the West”.

He observed:

"It is a massive puzzle because journalists normally are on the side of the little guy, and there can’t be a smaller guy in the Middle East than Israel….
[Israel] is pro-gay, pro-democracy, pro-women. It’s the most liberal establishment probably for 1,000 miles in any direction. You would have thought every journalist would embrace that thought process – but for some reason they don’t.
The most interesting thing was the way the people from Gaza treated those guys they claimed were Israeli spies – they shot them in public and dragged around their bodies.
Compare that with the Israelis when they captured the guy who let off the bomb in Tel Aviv and then followed due process and the law. That is never portrayed in the British media. Never….”

There is, of course, no British media outlet more accomplished at misrepresenting Israel by sins of both commission and omission than the BBC.The consequences inevitably impact to Israel’s detriment upon the public mind:

Commented an apparentapologist for the Corporation on a November BBCWatch post.

"Israel should be starved of resources by an international blockade. Only allowed reduced medical and food supplies, given dirty water to drink, UN overwatch present at every place where the IDF are active, and no more military materiel provided by the west. Once you have run out of guns and ammo, all your bulldozers and tanks and iron dome lie by the roadside and your Israeli population is desperate and willing to kill themselves in protest at the conditions of their imprisonment and repression, only then will it be a fair fight.
But Iran will probably nuke you before that and save the world the trouble.”

And now the potential for more incalculable harm has been unleashed by the BBC Trust’s bizarre and unconscionable decision to uphold a complaint byanti-Israel zealot Ben Whiteregarding the a BBC Radio 4 broadcast’s coverage of the so-called Nakba.  To quote the Jewish Chronicle report by Marcus Dysch:

…. A “lack of clarity” had been evident in the coverage of West Bank protests last May which marked “Nakba Day”, when Palestinians mourn the creation of Israel, the BBC investigation found.
The report breached the Corporation’s accuracy guidelines by failing to note the “degree of force or coercion in the manner of the departure” of Palestinians, the Trust concluded….
Mr White complained to the BBC, claiming that the introduction to the news report was “deeply offensive” to Palestinians who had “lost everything as a result of ethnic cleansing”.
The introduction had stated that 60 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli forces while marking Nakba Day, which the piece said was “the anniversary of Israel’s declaration of statehood which resulted in thousands of Palestinians leaving their homes”.
A Radio 4 editor who worked on the introduction told an initial BBC editorial standards committee that referring to Palestinians “leaving their homes” had not been “dynamic” enough.
The Trust concluded that the language used had “failed adequately to convey the reality of the departures”, and had “understated” the number of Palestinians affected by Israel’s creation….’

Dysch also notes:

'Ben White is a campaigner who accuses Israel of being an apartheid state and who wrote in 2002 that he could “understand” why people were antisemitic.
He encouraged his Twitter followers to protest against Israeli theatre company Habima last May by posting a picture of Jewish author Howard Jacobson, saying the Booker Prize winner’s face was “another reason to support the boycott”.’

As Robin Shepherd remarks at the end of his must-read piece on this unsavoury decision by the BBC Trust and and its implications, 

"Bear in mind that the (fairly) new chairman of the BBC trust is former European Commissioner Chris [Lord] Patten, a well known Israel basher. So, in this case, essentially, the complaints procedure broke down as follows:
Anti-Zionist fanatic makes complaint to watchdog organisation run by Israel basher that broadcaster already well-known for anti-Israel bias is not being biased enough. Watchdog organisation run by Israel basher upholds complaint made by anti-Zionist fanatic and warns broadcaster well known for anti-Israel bias that it should be careful to be more biased in the future.”

Alan Aziz, executive director of the Zionist Federation, observes of the Trust’s decision that  the BBC’s obligatory commitment to impartiality

“seems never to apply when it comes to Israel. The BBC, by recognising a false narrative that Israel committed a catastrophe against the Palestinians, is providing a biased picture demonising Israel.

And, as Robin Shepherd says,

"The BBC Trust has now effectively sent a signal to reporters and editors that they have a duty to distort the historical record to suit the pro-Palestinian narrative"

The ghosts of Hitler, Goebbels and Streicher cannot be the only ones grinning.

The first 3 lines of the BBC's latest Gaza report sums up how messed up the conflict is.


(The original report is HERE)


An Israeli strike on a home in Gaza has killed at least 10 people, officials say, as Sunday became the deadliest day since Israel launched an operation against Hamas militants last week.

Israel said it had targeted a Hamas man but at least nine members of one family died, including several children.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is ready to expand its operation.


An Israeli strike on a home in Gaza has killed at least 10 people, officials say, More people have died today in this conflict than any day yet.

Israel said it has planned to kill 1 person but accidently killed 10.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu wants to kill even more.


if it is clear that too many civilians are already caught in a conflict you do not expand it. That is not a defensive stance in any way.

I pray that one day the world will wake up.

In response to this I must point out the LONG history of anti-Israel that is and has been presented on behalf of the BBC since Britain pulled out of the territory in 1948, shortly before the modern nation of Israel was rightly and justly declared a legal state according to the United Nations. Secondly, has anyone at the BBC asked themselves WHY Israel has had to carry out this current operation (Operation Pillar of Defense/Smoke) against Gaza and Hamas? No. Answer: Because enough is enough! Twenty Five rockets sent from Gaza into Israeli civilian population centers in one Friday afternoon should be more than enough to motivate anyone to get their attackers off their backs.

Ask yourself: If the Scots had been continually sending rockets into England on a daily basis for the last 7 years (or Canadians had been sending them into New York State, or Michigan, USA) would the BBC just sit back and say that the English people had no right to defend themselves or retaliate? Would Americans simply let Canada continue to attack American cities without retaliation for 7 years? I think not! Use your head people! This current defensive attack from Israel on Gaza didnt just happen, nor was it unprovoked. Do some research. - ToT

(via theorthodoxbrit-deactivated2013)

"This Was A Studied Insult": In Australia, The BBC's Counterpart Offends Jews On Rosh Hashana

Unconscionable, isn’t it, how two of the world’s most politically correct leftist broadcasting organisations cavalierly discard their sensitivity to the needs and feelings of minorities when it’s Jews who are the group to be offended?

Can you imagine either broadcaster knowingly risking offending Muslims in similar fashion? 

Just as the BBC’s “Middle East editor” Jeremy Bowen went ahead with a question and answer session on Twitter regarding the Middle East fully aware that he was doing so on Rosh Hashana, so ABC presenter Tony Jones interviewed visiting Israel demoniser Ilan Pappé on that day.

The following speech in Federal Parliament by Michael Danby, MHR for Melbourne and a veteran defender of Israel and Jewish rights, sums up the situation:

"On Monday and Tuesday I had leave for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I thank the whips and the parliament. For 120,000 Australians of similar background, even the most secular families, this is like Christmas, a time for the gathering of the clan.
Tony Jones, the host of Q&A, explained to that segment of Australia’s population that Q&A focusing half of its program on Monday night on Israel was because he could not get his guest Mr Pappe other than that night. Irving Wallach did a brave job on the program. But I question Mr Jones; the ABC managing director, Mark Scott; and indeed the new chairman, Jim Spigelman. This was a studied insult. Having an academically undistinguished extremist on Rosh Hashana is like having someone from Hizb ut-Tahrir advocate the abolition of Christianity and Australia on Christmas Eve.
Nearby to Israel, a prosperous, peaceful, democratic country, 25,000 Syrian civilians have been murdered by their own government. Come on, Tony Jones! When are you going to have a program of half an hour on the situation in Syria? Stop putting Uncle Toms like Ilan Pappe and Antony Loewenstein on your program. Let some people who speak for the mainstream, either Left or Right, both of which support peaceful evolution of the Middle East, appear on your program.”

(Hat tip: reader Ian)

‘Tel Aviv is Cool but Jerusalem is the Capital’

Tel Aviv’s mayor has dropped the rivalry with Jerusalem to remind Britain the holy city is Israel’s capital – no matter what the BBC says.

BBC Admits Network ‘Got it Wrong’ on Fogel Murders

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) “got it wrong” in its reporting of the massacre of the Fogel family by Arab terrorists in the Jewish community of Itamar, the broadcaster’s outgoing director-general admitted at a parliamentary committee hearing.

The BBC’s Mark Thompson acquiesced on June 19 while being questioned by Conservative member of parliament Louise Mensch, the London Jewish Chronicle reported.

In complaining about the insufficient coverage of the event on BBC radio and television programs, the newspaper reported that Mensch said, “I only found out, after the event, from an American blog, called ‘Dead Jews is no news,’ and the more I went into it, the more shocked I was.”

“There was a feeling that the BBC just didn’t care and that if a settler had opened the home of a Palestinian family, slit the throat of their children, that the BBC would have covered that,” Mensch asserted.

Thompson responded by claiming that the story occurred during a “very busy news period,” including the fighting in Libya and the tsunami in Japan and that “news editors were under a lot of pressure.”

Having said that, it was certainly an atrocity which should have been covered across our news bulletins that day,” he added.

Mensch said that she was pleased with Thompsons’s response. “I was very satisfied with his frank admission,” she said. “He understood how this had affected the Jewish community.”

Source: IsraelNationalNews.com

BBC Ethics Unveiled: Lies About Jerusalem, Lies About Guidelines

BBC Bias: The BBC revealed its complete disregard of its own Editorial Guidelines when it defended an egregiously one-sided and inaccurate documentary about Jerusalem. This video investigates the flouting of these guidelines by Panorama and the disingenuous ruling of the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee in support of the January 2010 segment.

BBC Wakes up; admits mistakes in ‘Arab Spring’ Coverage

The ‘Arab Spring’ began in January of 2011. The mainstream media cheered. Here we are in June of 2012 and the BBC is finally starting to scratch its head while saying, ‘Gee, duh, maybe we were wrong. Duh.’

Via the Daily Mail:

The BBC’s coverage of the Arab Spring has been heavily criticised – by the corporation’s bosses.

Head of news Helen Boaden admitted that her journalists got carried away with events and produced ‘over-excited’ reports.

She told a BBC Trust report that in Libya, where reporters were ‘embedded’ with rebels, they may have failed to explore both sides of the story properly.

Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen was among those criticized in the study into coverage of the uprisings, which found that ‘excitement’ did sometimes ‘infect’ the reporting, which some viewers described as ‘too emotive’ and ‘veering into opinion’.

The document, published yesterday, also raised concerns about the corporation’s use of footage filmed on mobile phones and other user-generated content. It noted that the BBC failed to warn viewers with ‘caveats’ about the ‘authenticity’ of such footage in 74 per cent of cases.

It also warned that the corporation ignored events in some countries as it concentrated on ‘big’ stories.

Miss Boaden is quoted saying: ‘In the conflict in Egypt in the beginning . . . we might have sounded over-excited – you can take on the colour of who you’re with. I had to say “just be careful about your tone”.

‘In Libya too, where we were essentially embedded [with the rebels] at the start, we might have sounded over-excited – you have to be careful if you can’t get to the other side of the story.’

While the report found that overall the BBC’s coverage was ‘generally impartial’, it did raise concerns about aspects of its reporting.

Unlike John McCain, it appears that the BBC has admitted it was wrong about the ‘Arab Spring’.

(Source: thegatewaypundit.com)

Video Flashback: BBC Employee fired for requesting Caucasian cab driver for Daughter

This is from a few years ago but in light of events that have transpired since, it warrants another look through the lens of hindsight. A woman named Sam Mason, who worked as a radio personality for the BBC, called a cab company and requested a caucasian cab driver, preferably a female. The representative for the cab company essentially accused Mason of being a racist, though Mason didn’t help her cause by prefacing her request by conceding that her request would sound “racist.”

Nonetheless, when those in the West who shake their heads in disgust at blatant media bias, this provides a look behind the curtain.

Mason was smeared as a racist and fired by the BBC for requesting a certain type of person transport her young teenage daughter. Conversely, demands made by Muslims are far too often met with acquiescence. Until westerners stand up, this will continue to gradually get worse. As it does, it will be more difficult to reverse.

(Source: shoebat.com)

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