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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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Convict Murders his father in Church on Easter Sunday in the name of ‘Allah’

Reshad Riddle entered a local church in Ashtabula, OH on Easter Sunday and shot his own father dead while referring to it as ‘the will of Allah’. This would mean that Riddle was doing Allah’s will, would it not?

Via Huffington Post:

An ex-convict charged with killing his father at an Easter Sunday church service in Ohio made rambling comments during an appearance in court and the prosecutor requested a psychiatric evaluation.

The suspect, 25-year-old Reshad Riddle, appeared Monday afternoon in Ashtabula (ash-tuh-BYOO’-luh) Municipal Court in an orange jail jumpsuit with his ankles and wrists in chains.

The bearded Riddle made rambling comments about God and said he wanted to be treated fairly. The prosecutor asked for $1 million bail and, if he makes it, a psychiatric evaluation and 24-hour monitoring.

Check out this excerpt from a CBS News report on the murder:

Reshad Riddle was quickly subdued by officers, who arrived just moments after the shooting. They say he has been mostly cooperative.

A few things to consider… If Riddle is being “cooperative”, how come we don’t have reports about his religion? There are reports that he is “bearded”. Among other things, reports are that Riddle is an ex-convict (did he convert to Islam in prison?).

To this point, while prosecutors are requesting a “psychiatric evaluation”, not one news report is revealing Riddle’s religion, only that he murdered his father in the name of ‘Allah’.

Syrian Rebels elect former leader of CAIR as first Prime Minister

As if we needed more proof that the mainstream media is either willfully blind – relative to western civilization’s Islamic enemies – or complicit in aiding and abetting them, here it is. As Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad has been getting creamed in the propaganda war, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rebels, which are far more barbaric than is Assad, continue to maintain sympathetic victim status.

Now it’s learned that the interim Syrian government, installed to represent the rebels, has elected a former Vice President of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX to lead them. Oh, and the election took place at a meeting in… Turkey. Yes, the same Turkey that was once home to where the Ottoman Empire was centered. And, go figure, the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) was created to reestablish that empire.

From the AP (via GMBDR):

Syria’s opposition coalition early Tuesday elected a little-known American-educated IT manager and Islamic activist to head an interim government to administer areas seized by rebel forces from President Bashar Assad’s troops.

Ghassan Hitto received 35 votes out of 48 ballots cast by the opposition Syrian National Coalition’s 63 active members during a meeting in Istanbul. The results were read aloud by coalition member Hisham Marwa to applause from a few dozen of his colleagues who had waited until after 1 a.m. to hear the results.

Although there doesn’t appear to be a link to the story, GMBDR cites a 2002 Fort Worth Star-Telegram article as the source for the following information:

In 2002, U.S. media identified Mr. Hitto as the Vice-President of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Dallas Fort-Worth Chapter (see Note 1). A Hudson Institute report identifies CAIR as part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas support infrastructure in the U.S.

Something else of note can be found in the AP article about Hitto – beyond other Muslim Brotherhood Groups he has connections to (like MAS and IAP) – and his work with a private school:

He (Hitto) worked for a number of different technology companies and helped run a Muslim private school called the Brighter Horizons Academy. He is also a founding member of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, which was founded to give legal aid to Muslims following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Hitto’s time with CAIR in Dallas, coupled with his work at Brighter Horizons is interesting for some other reasons, namely, the background of a man named Nabil Sadoun, a man who resided in the Dallas area, was a member of CAIR’s national board, and… was once the former head of the Islamic Studies Department at Brighter Horizons, according to the Dallas Morning News.

In 2010, a judge ordered Sadoun be deported to Jordan and was found to have ties to the Holy Land Foundation.

As for Hitto’s new role as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Prime Minister in Syria, the New York Times’ Anne Barnard is doing all she can to wage the Brotherhood’s propaganda war. Check out the headline of her story: Syrian Rebels Pick U.S. Citizen to Lead Interim Government.

A U.S. Citizen? That’s the headline? Right there, in plain black and white, is another example of how the rebels are winning the propaganda war. It’s being packaged as Bashar Al-Assad against a group being led by an American citizen!

As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hitto’s status as an American citizen is trumped by one thing – his status as a member of a group that seeks to destroy the United States.

Check out how ignorant Barnard seeks to leave her readers, burying Hitto’s history with CAIR fourteen paragraphs in, without identifying the group as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood:

Mr. Hitto and his wife, Suzanne, an American schoolteacher, have four children, all born in the United States, where Mr. Hitto advocated for Muslim Americans after 9/11 as a representative of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Just a few short paragraphs later, when she could have made the connection, Barnard did not:

Some council members said Mr. Hitto was the choice of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood, a group that has long been banned and persecuted under the Assad family’s government and that plays a powerful role in the coalition. That could give him credibility among some in the Sunni Muslim-dominated uprising, but it also concerns some opposition members who feel the Brotherhood already wields disproportionate sway. Brotherhood leaders say they seek a civil, not an Islamic, state, but some in the opposition worry that it will impose a religious agenda.

What Barnard blatantly omits is that the reason Hitto would have credibility with the Brotherhood is that when he worked with CAIR, he was working for the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s also amazing how many times the Brotherhood is able to successfully claim that it does not seek an Islamic state despite the fact that after every Muslim Brotherhood takeover in the Middle East to date, the goal of an Islamic state has become a self-evident truth.

Palestinian TV and Kids Glorify Terrorist

In May 1992, four Palestinian terrorists swam from Jordan to Eilat, Israel’s southern resort city, and carried out a terror attack that killed one Israeli.

Two terrorists drowned, a third was killed by Israel, and terrorist Muayyad Hijja was captured and given two life sentences in prison. Palestinian Authority TV recently decided to honor Hijja by visiting his home and interviewing his relatives.

The following are some of the words and expressions of praise broadcast on official PA TV in honor of the terrorist:

- “Fighter” and “commander” – 6 times
- “Hero” and “heroic” – 6 times
- “One of the homeland’s beacons because of his valor and sacrifice”
- “Smart, wonderful. I am proud to have an uncle like you”
- “[He] is all honor, all power, all vigor… an example of sacrifice, an example of honor, and an example of struggle for the homeland”
- “We are proud of him. He has always made us proud.”

On Aug. 19, 2012, PA TV again honored him:

PA TV host: “I’m sending holiday greetings to my uncle, my brother, my beloved Muayyad Hijja, who is in the Gilboa jail. Allah willing, I hope that you will be freed soon along with all the heroic prisoners, who we are always proud of.”

The following is the transcript of the program broadcast on July 31 honoring terrorist Muayyad Hijja:

PA TV host: “Muayyad Hijja is in prison. He is a heroic fighter prisoner and has been in the occupation’s prisons since 1992. He is one of the homeland’s beacons because of his valor and sacrifice, of course.”
Text on screen: “Freedom for the fighter heroic prisoner, Muayyad Hijja. Given 2 life sentences… The commander who carried out the Eilat operation.”

Niece: “I am Maram, niece of the heroic fighter prisoner Muayyad Hijja. Uncle, it is true that I wasn’t even born when you entered prison and I don’t know you, but the picture in my mind is that you are a hero, a fighter, smart, wonderful. I am proud to have an uncle like you.

Sister: “Muayyad is the hero. Muayyad is all honor, all power, all vigor. Muayyad is an example of sacrifice, an example of honor, and an example of struggle for the homeland.”

Nephew: “I picture my uncle as a hero, a resistance fighter. We are proud of him. He has always made us proud.
[PA TV (Fatah), July 31, 2012]

Source: palwatch.org

Israeli Army Druze Battalion

Video: Hamas MP says it’s time for Islam to pick up where Nazis left off

If it weren’t so deadly serious, western media’s ignorance of this elephant in the room would be laughable.

Unfortunately, it’s deadly serious.

Hamas MP Sheik Yunis Al-Astal proclaims that when it comes to persecuting the Jews, it’s time for the baton to be passed from the Nazis to Islam.

Geniuses at CNN Report that Libyan Weapons going to Al-Qaeda

As we (and others) were warning about the ‘Arab Spring’ as it was unfolding well over a year ago, Anderson Cooper was in Egypt, getting beaten up while championing the spirit of Democracy that led to it.

Now, CNN has magically discovered that weapons in Libya are winding up in the hands of al-Qaeda:

The Arab Spring of revolution has given rise to a new summer of concern in North Africa.

While Moammar Gadhafi is gone, the weapons used by the rebels who overthrew him are now a threat to the whole region, according to Amanda Dory, a top Defense Department policy official on Africa.

“The breakdown of security in Libya has generated a significant flow of militants and weapons and has decreased legitimate cross-border traffic at a time of great economic fragility and turbulence,” said Dory, the deputy assistant secretary of defense on African affairs.

Many of those weapons, the Pentagon fears, are ending up with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) the branch of the terrorist network in North Africa, especially in Mali, which in recent months has seen a coup and a separatist effort.

The al Qaeda affiliate “continues to increase its activities, including collecting large sums of money through kidnapping for ransom schemes,” Dory said Monday. The Department of Defense “is closely watching what this will mean for the stability of the region and the ability of AQIM to target partner and U.S. interests.”

How does CNN have a scintilla of credibility left?

(Source: breitbart.com)

Gitmo Defendant turns Defense Attorney into a Dhimmi

The Defense Attorney for one of Guantanamo detainees has donned a hijab per her “client’s” demands. If you find yourself wondering just who’s in charge, you’re not alone.

Via the Daily Mail:

A female defense attorney, who is not Muslim, wore the traditional Islamic hijab to the military court staging the trial of five Guantanamo Bay prisoners accused of the September 11 attacks yesterday.

Cheryl Bormann, 52, who represents Walid bin Attash, said that her client had demanded she wear the clothing and insisted that other women at the hearing also wear ‘appropriate’ clothes out of respect for his religion.

Today she explained her decision at Guantanamo Bay, saying she always wears the hijab around her client.

She asked that other women follow her example so that the defendants do not have to avert their eyes ‘for fear of committing a sin under their faith’, according to Fox News.

So the prisoner has taken the attorney hostage…

Read More: Here

Why the Arab Spring will Descend into an Islamic Age

Steven Simpson
Guest Columnist

The much vaunted and praised “Arab Spring,” which took the world by surprise in December 2010, is slowly but surely turning into an Arab winter, which will inexorably become an Arab Islamic Ice Age in the near future. Already, the icicles of pan-Islamism are beginning to form throughout the Maghreb (North Africa), and the West best come to terms with the reality that the mantra of “free and fair elections” does not translate into Arabic as Western-style democracy.

Ironically, it is the birthplace of the “Arab Spring”—Tunisia—which is already in the midst of turning from Arab secular tyranny, into Arab Islamist domination. The largest party in the Tunisian parliament is the “moderate” Islamist party known as Ennahda (Hizb an Nahda), meaning the “Renaissance Party.” When elections were held in October 2011, the party gained a plurality of 90 seats in the 217 member Constituent Assembly.

Ennahda was formed by Rashid Ghannouchi, who after 22 years in exile, returned to a hero’s welcome in January 2011, after the overthrow of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Mr. Ghannouchi, who has been described as a “moderate” by many political pundits, has already called for the “end of Israel.” He has compared his party with that of Turkey’s Islamist AKP (“Justice and Development Party”) led by the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has practically turned Turkey into a de facto Islamic republic and brought relations with Israel to the brink of severance. Alas, the much hailed (and perhaps failed) “Jasmine Revolution” might well have paved the way for the beginning of Arab “Islamocracies.” That is, Islamic republics replacing secular pan-Arab socialist regimes, via “free and fair elections.”

To the west of Tunisia is the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, which almost became the first Islamic republic in the Arab world back in 1991. At that time, the Islamic Salvation Front was on the verge of becoming the largest party in Parliament until the army stepped in, unleashing a savage and bloody nine year civil war that has still left the country in chaos. Elections are coming there in May, and there is a good chance that the troika of Islamist parties will do quite well – once again – through “free and fair elections.”

Then there is the Kingdom of Morocco. While currently led by the pro-Western moderate, King Mohammed VI, the Islamist phoenix has already risen. In the November 2011 elections, the Justice and Development Party won 107 seats in the 395 member Parliament. The new Prime Minister, Abdelilah Benkirane, is also the leader of the party. Of course, he too, is considered a “moderate.” But when one reads further, it becomes clear that the term “moderate Islamist” is nothing but an oxymoron.

Finally, there is Egypt and Libya. In Libya, the tyrannical forty-two year reign of the monstrous and murderous Muammar al-Qaddafi came to an ignoble and abrupt end with a bullet in his head in October 2011. Presently, Libya is governed by a coalition of various parties and tribes under the tutelage of the Libyan Interim National Council. On paper (or at least on the World Wide Web), it would appear that Libya is being run by a council of leaders who are looking forward to a democratic country with free elections.

However, when one looks closer, the Council is led by a former Qaddafi crony, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who turned against his patron in February 2011. His academic background includes graduating from the University of Libya where he studied (what else?) Shari’a. While Jalil may not be an open Islamist, there are many on the Council who are, most notably Abdel Hakim Belhaj who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviets and led the now defunct Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

Indeed, the Libyan Draft Constitution proposes enshrining Shari’a as the basis for state law. While only a draft at this point, it appears to be a bad start for a “democratic” Libya. However, lest anyone shed tears for the departed Colonel Qaddafi, it should be remembered that Islamic law was also enshrined in Qaddafi’s constitution of 1969, and explicitly reaffirmed in the 1977 constitution.

Elections are scheduled to be held in June. But if the recent desecration of British graves of World War II veterans—and the tepid response of the National Council is a foreshadowing of things to come—Libya appears either headed towards civil war, or an Islamic state. Libya is plagued (or blessed, depending on one’s viewpoint) with numerous Islamist groups, including its first Muslim Brotherhood branch, also called the Justice and Development Party.

Finally, there is “the mother of the Arab world,” Egypt. It is in Egypt that the godfather of all Islamic supremacist groups—the Muslim Brotherhood—was spawned. The genesis of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun was formed in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, and whose theology was refined by Sayid Qutb. However, if one looks for reality and clarity (unlike the current American administration which foolishly engages the Brotherhood and views it as “moderate”), it will be seen that the Brotherhood is a violent fascist movement that seeks global Islamic domination. Indeed, it is the phalanx and aegis for all Islamist groups that have emerged throughout the Muslim world. Bluntly put, it is nothing short of an Islamic hydra, and an implacable enemy of the West, Israel, and all non-Muslims.

When Egyptians overthrew Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, the politicians and political pundits throughout the world marveled and prognosticated on how democracy was coming to Egypt. Apparently, the Egyptian people had other plans in mind. In parliamentary elections held in January 2012, Islamist parties won over 71% of the vote. It was a triumph for Islamists throughout Egypt and an ominous sign of an Islamic resurrection of monumental proportions. The old adage “As Egypt goes, so goes the Arab world” appears to be a prophecy looming on the horizon.

The final triumph for an Islamic Egypt will be the presidential election that is to be held in late May. Now, in 2012, it appears that the dreams of al-Banna and Qutb turning Egypt into an Islamic state will come to fruition. As of this writing, two Islamists have been banned from running. These are the Salafi candidate, Hazem Abu-Ismail, who was the front runner, and the Brothers’ Khairat al-Shater of the “Freedom and Justice Party.”

Both are appealing the verdict. The Brothers already have a backup candidate, Mohammed Mursi. Another former Brother, Abdel Moneim-Abul Fotouh is also running. Regardless, it seems a fait accompli that an Islamist will indeed win, thus solidifying and hermetically sealing Egypt’s fate as an Islamic state.

While this article does not cover the recrudescence of Islamist movements in the Mashriq (East), encompassing such blood soaked states as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain, Islamism is coming there too. The message is crystal clear and perfectly simple: The adherents of Muhammad will not soon exchange him in for Washington, Jefferson, or Madison. The West should be prepared—metaphorically speaking—to start stockpiling on heavy winter clothing. An Islamic ice age is about to descend upon us. Be prepared.


Steven Simpson has a B.A. in Political Science with an emphasis on Middle Eastern studies, as well as a Master’s Degree in Library Science. In addition to Canada Free Press, Steven’s previous articles have appeared on the American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Front Page Magazine, and Hudson-NY.org. Steven can be reached at:ssimusa@hotmail.com

(Source: shoebat.com)

$1,499,995,000 worth of CNN Bias

In 2011, the DHS paid Walid Shoebat $5000 to speak at a state-sponsored Homeland Security Conference in Rapid City, SD. CNN was there and produced a news report that painted Walid as a fraud. In 2012, the Obama Administration gave $1.5 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood. CNN is nowhere to be found.

Either inflation is so bad that the contribution made to the Brotherhood this year is actually less than what Walid was paid last year or CNN is….?

Here is Rep. Louie Gohmert on the House floor last month talking about the $1.5 Billion contribution to the Brotherhood.

Abbas Threatens More Complaints Against Israel

First Publish: 4/3/2012, 5:46 AM
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
Flash 90

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas threatened on Monday to submit complaints against Israel in international institutions if it does not return to the negotiating table, according to a report in the Ma’ariv newspaper.

Abbas, who spoke in Egypt during a ceremony in which the cornerstone for a new PA embassy in Cairo was laid, once again said that the PA would not return to the negotiating table until Israel stops construction in Judea and Samaria and agrees to accept the indefensible pre-1967 lines as a basis for future borders.

“These are not conditions but commitments that Israel must respect,” Abbas was quoted by Ma’ariv as having said. “When it accepts both of them we will be ready to return to negotiations.”

Abbas also revealed some of the contents of a letter that he plans to send to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. PLO official Saeb Erekat said on Saturday that Abbas had prepared a letter to Netanyahu and that he made a request to meet Netanyahu and give him the letter.

The letter says, according to Abbas’ speech, “Because of you, the Palestinian Authority is no longer an authority. You took all its powers and liabilities. We have nothing left, is that acceptable to you or not?”

Abbas said the letter will be delivered last week and reiterated that a continued stalemate in negotiations would lead to the PA once again contacting international institutions to advance their status to the status of a country. “That is our right and we will turn to the UN again,” Ma’ariv quoted him as having said.

The report noted that Abbas said during a meeting of Arab League leaders in Iraq last week that the letter will be centered on the issue of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, which he claimed “destroy the PA which wants to bring about independence. The negotiations will not lead to anything because Israel does not recognize the 1967 lines.”

The report added that Abbas claimed that “Israel does not want to see two states side by side, unlike the rest of the world.”

Peace talks between Israel and the PA have been frozen since Jordan hosted a series of “exploratory meetings” between Erekat and Israeli negotiator Yitzchak Molcho. The PA refused to continue to talk after those meetings and Abbas continued to impose preconditions on negotiations.

The PA recently threatened to cancel all agreements signed after 2000 if Israel does not agree to their demands before peace talks.

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