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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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Today's Headlines from Israel

Coalition talks between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid are held up over certain issues of contention that the party leaders cannot agree upon, namely, the assignment of the Education Ministry. Likud Beytenu seeks to hold on to the portfolio for current Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar to serve another term. Yesh Atid, however, is insisting on getting the post, as education was among the central issues in its campaign. The party hopes to give the ministry to MK Shai Piron, second on Yesh Atid’s list. According to sources, the next government will have 20 ministers, not including the prime minister and Avigdor Lieberman as well as 8 vice ministers.

After 28 years in a US prison and a week before US president Barack Obama’s visit to Israel, Jonathan Pollard’s wife Esther directly pleaded for his release. All of the Israeli politicians including President Shimon Peres and PM Netanyahu promised they would do all they can to release Pollard.
The Agricultural Ministry and the Eshkol Regional Council ascertained the landing point of three locust swarms, seen today in the Eshkol region. Once located, the swarms were exterminated. Experts say these swarms might land in Israel throughout the entire spring season.

YaLa-Young Leaders is a Facebook-based movement promoting dialogue and engagement as means to securing a safe, productive, and peaceful Middle East and North Africa region. YaLa was co-founded by the Peres Center for Peace and YaLa Palestine in 2011. With over 200,000 members from across the Arab world, Israel, the Mediterranean and the wider international community YaLa-Young Leaders is the broadest and fastest-growing Middle East peace movement in the world today. Hollywood actress Sharon Stone is the president of the movement in the US.

Pollard Prosecutor:Obama's Hate for Israel Keeps Pollard in Jail

Free Pollard protest
Free Pollard protest
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Joseph de Genova, who served as the prosecutor in the case of Jonathan Pollard, said on Sunday that he believes there is no chance that President Barack Obama will pardon Pollard.

Speaking in an interview on Israel’s Channel 10 News, de Genova also said Obama is hostile toward Israel and charged the president of being a master in double-talk.

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