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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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Terrorist Killed By Own Bomb In Sinai

To match feature ISRAEL-SINAI/FENCE

By: Jewish Press News Briefs

An Egyptian military source told state news agency MENA that a member of a terrorist group was killed on Sunday as he was attempting to plant an explosive device on El-Sheikh Zuweid road in north Sinai.

The source further denied media reports that the explosion happened in the vicinity of a vehicle owned by security forces.

Hours earlier, Al-Ahram reported that a bomb exploded late Sunday in the region close to a military vehicle.

The military source refuted reports of an Israeli patrol being attacked by gunmen south of the Rafah border, stressing that what had taken place was an exchange of gunfire between Egyptian security forces and terrorists trying to cross the border.

On Friday, a policeman was killed in a terrorist attack on a checkpoint in the Sinai.

Last week, at least ten policemen were killed in Sinai in separate attacks.


Israel TV News | Islamist militant attacks in Sinai on rise since Egypt's military ousted President Morsi - JerusalemOnline


News Update July 9th 2013

JNN NEWS, P.O. Box 7411, Jerusalem 91073, Israel

“Let the nations be wakened, and come up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; for there I will sit to judge all the surrounding nations.” Joel 3:12

DOZENS OF MORSI BACKERS KILLED IN CAIRO ON MONDAY: Egyptian security officials said at least 51 civilians and one security officer were killed in clashes with supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi on Monday. They had been holding a demonstration outside a military officers’ club where they believe Morsi is being held. More than 435 people were wounded. The Islamist party and the military offered different versions on the violent incident – each side accusing the other of touching off the bloodshed. A judicial panel will carry out an investigation of the incident. Cairo was burning over the weekend. Every city center saw street clashes between supporters and opponents of toppled President Mohamed Morsi with dozens being killed and over 1000 injured by Saturday night. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters turned out Friday to protest the military-led ouster of the Islamist president . Meanwhile, interim President Adli Mansour issued a presidential declaration dissolving the Shura Council, the Islamist-dominated legislative body that has managed most legislative duties since courts terminated parliament’s lower house last summer. (Ha’aretz/J.Post) Continue to pray for Egypt – for the quelling of violence and the election of new government leaders who will address poverty and other issues of concern to the Egyptian people. Pray Islamists will not regain power.

FEARS FOR EGYPT’S CHRISTIANS FOLLOWING MURDER, ARSON ATTACKS: Concerns have been raised over the plight of Egypt’s Coptic Christian community, after a series of attacks - including the assassination of a priest and an arson attack against a church - following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood-backed President, Mohamed Morsi last week. Egypt’s Maspero Youth Union has condemned what they described as “Muslim Brotherhood assaults on churches.” According to the statement, “The president’s supporters attacked churches in Luxor, Qena, Minya, Towa, Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Matrouh.” On Friday, four Copts and one Muslim were killed in sectarian clashes in the village of Naga Hassan, during which 23 Christian-owned homes were set on fire. Coptic groups fear their community could be scapegoated by Islamists bitter at Morsi’s removal by the secular military establishment. But the attacks also compound growing concerns over the plight of the Middle East’s various Christian sects, as communities from Iran, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere face mounting threats from Islamists both in government and the opposition. A recent report by Civitas, a British think-tank, warned that Christianity in the Middle East was facing “extinction” due to mounting attacks and persecution. (INN) Pray for the safety and endurance of the Church in the Middle East. “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” Matt 16:18

MORSI’S OUSTER SPELLS TROUBLE FOR REGION’S OTHER ISLAMIST MOVEMENTS: The ouster a week ago of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government represents a significant setback for the Islamist movements that have proved the biggest beneficiaries so far of the Arab Spring revolts. From Tunisia to war-torn Syria, anti-Islamist activists have begun expressing unhappiness with the religious parties empowered by freedoms the turmoil unleashed. That the backlash has crescendo in Egypt - the Arab world’s political and cultural trendsetter and the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood 80 years ago - is likely to resonate far beyond, perhaps most forcefully in Syria. The specter of the Arab world’s most populous nation rising up in unprecedented numbers against an Islamist leader has likely tainted the Brotherhood’s long effort to present itself as a viable alternative to the region’s mostly repressive regimes, in ways it will find hard to redress. In the Gaza Strip, for one, a source close to the Islamist Hamas government said of Morsi’s downfall that Hamas officials were, “in complete and utter shock.” Those in the Gaza Strip not affiliated with Hamas, an offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood, have expressed optimism that events in Egypt would encourage a similar overthrow of Gaza’s repressive Hamas government. (Ynet/Washington Post)

OFFICIALS: SINAI DESERT NOT SAFE FOR ISRAELIS: Israel’s National Anti-Terror Unit on Sunday issued a stern travel warning for Sinai, and warned Israelis still there to come home immediately. With the deposing by the Egyptian army of Mohamed Morsi and the arrests of top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, many of the Brotherhood have been clearing out of large cities and taking refuge in remote areas, like Sinai. Over the weekend, angry riots broke out in El Arish between pro- and anti-Morsi groups, and on Saturday night the Egyptian army announced it was moving troops and tanks into Sinai in order to root out Brotherhood and pro-Morsi groups. The Anti-Terror Unit said it had also been made aware of terror attacks and kidnappings that groups were planning against Israelis “for ransom or political purposes.” (INN) Pray Israeli vacationers now at, or planning to visit, the Sinai will take this warning seriously.

LANDAU WARNS PM NOT TO CONCEDE AHEAD OF TALKS: Tourism Minister Uzi Landau warned PM Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday not to pay the Palestinian Authority in settlement freezes and prisoner releases for coming to the negotiating table. Landau said that in Netanyahu’s last term, the prime minister endorsed a Palestinian state and the government accepted a settlement freeze, but Israel received nothing in return from the PA other than further demands. “We have to learn from experience,” Landau said. “There must be reciprocity.” He added that the coup in Egypt and struggles of countries throughout the Arab world should make proponents of a Palestinian state reconsider whether such a state could last.” A UK press report Saturday claimed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s plan to renew negotiations includes a quiet Israeli construction freeze in Judea and Samaria outside the large settlement blocs and a phased release of 103 Palestinian security prisoners – many who have blood on their hands. The report was denied by Israeli officials. A senior Israeli official said Netanyahu wants to avoid a situation whereby Abbas steps away from negotiations after a few meetings and turns to the UN in September under the premise that Israel is to blame for the failure of the talks. (J.Post)

IS THE PA READY FOR PEACE WITH THE JEWS? On July 3, official Palestinian Authority TV broadcast two little girls reciting a poem: “You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship, oh Sons of Zion, oh most evil among creations, oh barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs.” The poem also taught that Jerusalem is not for Jews, because Jerusalem “vomits” out the Jews who are said to be “filth” and “impure.” Even more recently, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who is often touted by the West as a “moderate peace partner,” once again indicated he is willing to resume negotiations with Israel – but not to give up on even one of his never-ending preconditions. Abbas said Saturday, the PA “will fight to realize our national aspirations, especially the issue of Al-Quds (the Arab name for Jerusalem), which is an issue on which we will not give up, because if it is not the capital of the State of Palestine, there will be no solution.” Abbas rejected claims the PA has made any concessions to Kerry. “Show me even one concession we made,” he said. (INN) “Thus says the Lord: ‘I will return to Zion, and dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth, the Mountain of the Lord of hosts, the Holy Mountain.’” Zech 8:3

ISRAEL ONE STEP CLOSER TO SENDING ULTRA-ORTHODOX TO ARMY: PM Netanyahu’s cabinet on Sunday approved a bill that will result in the military conscription of most of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish males by 2017. Until now, the vast majority of ultra-Orthodox males have opted out of national service, a fact that has caused a deep rift between religious and secular Israelis, the latter feeling they were carrying too much of the national security burden alone. Many of the parties that fared well in Israel’s legislative election this year had vowed to finally remedy this problem. The bill passed Sunday’s vote with a count of 14 in favor, zero against and four abstentions. It will now go to the Knesset, where it is almost certain to pass into law, as even the main opposition Labor Party supports bringing the ultra-Orthodox into the IDF and, hopefully, into the national workforce. If the bill becomes law, it will require all Israeli Jews, including ultra-Orthodox, to answer the call of mandatory military service. (Israel Today)

KNESSET VOTES TO EXTEND DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME: Daylight Saving Time will continue until the end of October this year, after the bill extending became law Monday night. “The nation can smile, because more hours of light means more happiness,” Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said when the bill passed with 73 in favor and 15 opposed. The legislation sets DST as now ending the last Sunday in October. (J.Post)

(Source: jnnnews.com)

Eilat hit by rockets?

Eilat may have been hit by rockets on Wednesday night.

Security forces searched the Eilat area on Wednesday night after two powerful blasts rocked the Red Sea resort city.

Eilat residents flooded the police’s emergency number after hearing the explosions, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

Police ground units searched through various parts of the city, and suspect that rockets landed in open areas. No injuries or damages were reported following the explosions.

The IDF said searches were still underway, and did not definitively confirm that the blasts were caused by rockets.


Report: Army of Islam Behind Egypt Terror Attack

Wreckage of APC from terror attack.
Wreckage of APC from terror attack.
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The terror group Army of Islam is behind Sunday’s terror attack in the Sinai Peninsula, a Qatari website reported on Thursday.

According to the report in the Bawaba Ash-Sharq website, Egyptian security forces investigating the attack in which 16 Egyptian officers were killed, have concluded that Army of Islam members carried it out. Army of Islam is an Al-Qaeda inspired Gaza-based terrorist group that wishes to see Gaza run by Muslim Sharia law.

According to the report, the terrorists came to an Egyptian army position in Rafiah in three vehicles and were dressed in olive-colored uniforms and shoes similar to those worn by Egyptian soldiers. Four terrorists emerged from the first vehicle and between eight and ten emerged from the other two.

The four terrorists opened fire at Egyptian soldiers who were eating the meal marking the end of the Ramadan fast day and shot them in the head, said the report. They then entered one of the armored vehicles, forcing one of the Egyptian soldiers to drive it and shooting him dead after a few kilometers.

Between eight and ten terrorists wearing explosive belts were in a fourth vehicle which tried to enter Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing, the report said. One of the terrorists stayed in the vehicle and the rest tried to reach the Israeli position at the border crossing in an Egyptian armored vehicle. Three of them set off the explosive belts they were wearing when they discovered a glitch in the armored vehicle. Another armored vehicle was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force and the third vehicle blew up, and six charred bodies were found inside it.

Egypt has launched a crackdown on Sinai terrorism in response to the attack. Residents of El Arish in northern Sinai reported Thursday that the Egyptian military has sent reinforcements of “unprecedented” size into the peninsula.

The forces reportedly include 60 tanks on 30 tank-transporters, 12 armored personnel carriers, 15 additional armored vehicles, more than 20 armored jeeps and 10 Military Police jeeps.

The head of Egyptian intelligence, Mourad Mowafy, admitted on Tuesday that Egypt had received intelligence about Sunday’s attack on the Egypt-Israel border before it took place, but said that “we never imagined that a Muslim would kill a Muslim during the meal to end the Ramadan fast day.”

Mowafy was later fired by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who has vowed to avenge the deaths of the murdered soldiers.

Gaza Terrorists Testing Rockets in Sinai, Israeli Sources Say

Israeli sources say there is evidence that Egypt’s north Sinai region is becoming a firing range for Gaza’s rocket builders.

Today's Headlines from Israel:

Dozens of firefighters are trying to control a blaze which broke out on Friday in the Ben Shemen Forest in central Israel. Meanwhile, investigators have determined that arson is the cause of the fires which broke out earlier in the week in the north. On Sunday, the investigators will continue to work to determine the cause of Thursday’s fire in Kiryat Tivon where 5 families were evacuated from their homes.

According to reports from AP, human rights organizations in Egypt are claiming that IDF soldiers arrested migrants from Africa with Egypt’s permission, and transferred them to the Egyptian army. The human rights organizations told reporters that Israel is overcoming legal difficulties which prevent it from expelling migrants from Israel. The IDF says that all its activities are carried out within the framework of the law. Egypt has yet to respond to the claims.

Egyptian media reported that the Egyptian army has arrested 6 terrorists. Since the beginning of this week, 60 people have been killed in military skirmishes to rid Gaza of terrorists. Heavy armored forces at the border between Sinai and Gaza periodically receive updates of an exchange of fire between armed terrorists and the Egyptian army. Meanwhile, Egypt announced on Friday morning that the Rafah border crossing from Gaza would reopen after being closed for 5 days.

Today's Headlines from Israel

Egypt launched air strikes in the Sinai region close to the border with Israel on Wednesday, killing at least 20-23 suspected Islamic militants.
Meanwhile Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi fired his intelligence chief and the governor of Northern Sinai on Wednesday following the deadly weekend attack on troops by suspected militants in Sinai.

Cleared for publication: Thirteen northern Israel residents were arrested last month on suspicion they planned terrorist attacks. Police and Shin Bet forces seized 21 kg of C4 explosives, advanced explosive mechanisms, weapons and narcotics. The suspects were on orders from Hezbollah and were meant to target Israelis. Serious indictments have been filed against 10 of the suspects.
An investigation was launched in early July after Israeli intelligence officers received information regarding the smuggling of a large quantity of explosives.
Security forces apprehended two separate cells – a Ghajar cell responsible for smuggling the weapons, and a Nazareth cell that was meant to receive the explosives, hide them and transfer them to terrorists.
According to the police, the Ghajar smugglers are drug dealers who exploited the village’s special geographical location.

Fire fighters gained control of three fires that broke out on Wednesday afternoon, two in the eastern Carmel mountains, and the other just outside Jerusalem. Five fire crews battled the blaze in the North, located near the Jezreel Valley, with the assistance of three water-dropping planes.
Four fire fighting aircraft and twenty teams of fire fighters worked to put out the fire that broke out in Moshav Even Sapir near Jerusalem, setting fire to some 50 dunams of land. Thick smoke approached the Hadassah-Ein Kerem hospital, and hospital staff evacuated 80 percent of the hospital visitors.

In a special interview for channel 2 news head of Israel’s Olympics team Tzvi Varshaviak refused to take the blame for the Israeli team’s failure in the London 2012 Olympics . This is the first Olympics since 1988 that Israeli athletes returned home without a medal.

And finally director David Shady was surprised that when his short film Gentle Dog was invited by the film festival New Horizon in Iran. He was especially surprised when the artistic director sent him an email signing with shalom and a smiley.

Israel Today:

Iran: We must ‘annihilate the Zionist regime’

Iran: We must 'annihilate the Zionist regime'

Providing further evidence that its end goal, whether through nuclear weapons or other means, is the destruction of Israel, Iran’s president last week insisted that the “annihilation of the Zionist regime” is a mission of global importance.

"Any freedom lover and justice seeker in the world must do its best for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the path for the establishment of justice and freedom in the world," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted as telling a gathering of ambassadors from Islamic countries in Tehran.

Ahmadinejad went on to claim that the Zionists [read: Jews] have been controlling world events for the past 400 years.

Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman called it “Ahmadinejad’s most comprehensive anti-Semitic speech yet,” and Washington Post columnist Colbert King warned that “the Islamic Republic of Iran is the greatest threat to Jews to emerge in the past 70 years.”

King continued, “I do, as a non-Jew, recognize vicious anti-Semitism when I see it. The Iranian government is as anti-Semitic as the Third Reich.”

It is because of that virulent hatred for Zionism, Israel and the Jews in general that Israel has been so strongly urging the world to take the Iranian nuclear threat more seriously.

And while some will argue that, as president, Ahmadinejad doesn’t have the final say in Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned that Iran’s true leader is even more dangerous.

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “is not a rational leader, just like the leader of North Korea. They are unpredictable,” Israel’s Channel 2 News quoted Netanyahu as telling a recent closed-door meeting of his cabinet.

Netanyahu reportedly went on to explain that while he has no desire to go to war with Iran, he is forced to believe that the religious-fueled hatred expressed by both Ahmadinejad and Khamenei will result in them eschewing the pragmatism Western commentators speak of and launching nuclear weapons at Israel.

* Photo: Israeli rescue workers participate in a drill simulating a massive non-conventional attack on Israel’s dense population centers.


Terrorists attempt audacious cross-border attack from Sinai

Terrorists attempt audacious cross-border attack from Sinai

Suspected members of the global jihad movement, in which Al Qaeda plays a leading role, attempted a bold infiltration of southern Israel Sunday night that left 16 Egyptian soldiers dead.

The terrorist cell started by attacking an Egyptian army post at the point where the Egyptian, Israeli and Gaza borders meet. Not far from that point is the Israeli kibbutz of Kerem Shalom, which is believed to have been the intended final target of the assault.

As the terrorists entered the Egyptian post, they detonated suicide bombs and opened fire on Egyptian troops before taking control of two armored personnel carriers and making a run for the Israeli border.

The Israeli Air Force destroyed one of the vehicles as it crossed the border into southern Israel. The second vehicle never made it that far, after presumably being disabled by Egyptian forces.

Israeli officials said they had intelligence on a possible cross-border attack and had already put their forces on alert.

The attack came just days after Jerusalem warned all Israeli travelers to immediately leave the Egyptian Sinai, which has become a hotbed of jihadist activity in recent years. Apparently acting on the Israeli intelligence, the US issued a similar warning to American tourists in Sinai.

The events in Sinai prompted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to publicly vow to reestablish firm Egyptian authority over the territory. On Monday morning Egyptian media reported that government forces had “laid siege” to the Sinai-Gaza border town of Rafah, where the perpetrators of the attack were believed to be hiding.

Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren linked the attack to Iran, stating in a Twitter post that “the thwarted attack underscores the lengths to which the extremist regime in Iran will go to kill innocent Israelis.” Other Israeli officials said they expect more cross-border attacks of an even more ambitious nature.

"There’s no doubt that the terrorists took a huge risk in engaging Egyptian security forces," former IDF anti-terror chief Nitzan Nuriel told Army Radio on Monday. "It seems that global jihadists are becoming a beacon for regional terror and that is very troubling."

Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip took advantage of the situation to launch their own assault on southern Israel by raining down dozens of mortar shells on local communities and opening fire on Israeli border patrols.

Israelis residents living in the area were instructed to spend the night in their bomb shelters as the IDF engaged in a lengthly exchange of fire with the terrorists. No injuries were reported.

* Photo: IDF Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Benny Gantz examines the burned-out shell of an Egyptian armored carrier used to break through Israel’s border fence.

Israel Today:

Sinai: The New Egyptian Plague

Sinai: The New Egyptian Plague

Since the Egyptian Revolution more than a year ago, there has been a complete breakdown of law and order in the Sinai Peninsula, and Islamic terrorists from Egypt and Gaza have filled the vacuum. The natural gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel has been blown up 14 times. On the eve of Passover, several rockets were fired across the border from Sinai into Israel’s Red Sea resort of Eilat, as the city prepared to host thousands of visitors for the holiday.

The Israeli military says a number of terror groups are active in Sinai, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda, and they are planning cross-border attacks. This poses a dilemma for Israel because it cannot freely operate in Sinai, as it would in neighboring Gaza, for fear of further harming the already fragile peace treaty with Egypt.

The Egyptian government has lost control of Sinai, and Bedouin tribes now call the shots in the desert where the children of Israel wandered for 40 years in biblical times. The Bedouin economy thrives on smuggling to Hamas-ruled Gaza.

“By the end of 2011, the annual volume of this black economy was estimated to exceed U.S. $300 million,” wrote respected Israeli analyst Ehud Yaari in a report called Sinai: A New Front, published by the Washington Institute. “The true surge in such activity came after Israel’s 2005 disengagement from Gaza and subsequent removal of troops from the Sinai-Gaza border—as Bedouin political activist Ashraf al-Anani put it, ‘a fireball started rolling into the peninsula.’ Illegal trade and arms smuggling volumes rose to new records, and ever-larger sectors of the northern Sinai population became linked to Gaza and fell under the political and ideological influence of Hamas and its ilk.”

Armed Bedouin gangs have become the law of the land. For instance, 400 Bedouins besieged the base of the UN international peacekeeping force in Sinai, known as the MFO (Multinational Force and Observers), which is supposed to enforce the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. The revolt began after five Bedouins were arrested by soldiers. Yaari says the flow of arms includes missiles that can hit Tel Aviv as well as weapons smuggled from Libya, such as Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles which could pose a threat to Israeli aircraft and Eilat Airport.

“One Bedouin source estimates the overall number of weapons in the peninsula at no less than 100,000 pieces of all sorts,” he writes. So Israel has little choice but to allow Egypt to place seven additional battalions in Sinai to secure the 250-kilometer (150-mile) long border. According to the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, no Egyptian troops are allowed to cross the Suez Canal and be stationed in Sinai, but the regulation was already softened last year. The risk for Israel is high because once Egyptian troops deploy in Sinai they will never leave.

Some Israeli security experts see this as a ploy by Egypt, not to keep the peace but rather to be better prepared for a war with Israel. The United States plays an important role in this situation because it alone has leverage—in the form of nearly $2 billion in annual aid to Egypt. While Islamists now control Egypt, the economy is in shambles, and the US must make it clear that allowing Sinai to become a new launching pad for terrorist attacks on Israel could threaten the financial package. “The danger of a flare-up on that frontier has become a constant concern, with the added risk that local developments in the Sinai could break a fragile bilateral peace,” writes Yaari.

The writing is on the wall. “If I had something to say, our army would already be prepared for a confrontation inSinai,” saidKnesset (parliament) member Benjamin Ben Eliezer, a former general. If anyone knows the Egyptians, then it is Ben Eliezer, who was a personal friend of toppled President Hosni Mubarak

This article is reprinted from our May 2012 magazine issue.

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